Energy Assessment of City Hall for Limerick City Council

Energy Assessment of City Hall for Limerick City Council

PUNCH Consulting Engineers has recently been appointed by Limerick City Council to carry out an Energy Assessment of City Hall. The objective of this assessment is to determine the current energy usage status of the building and to identify opportunities for energy and cost savings. In addition, the assessment will help the council satisfy their statutory obligation under the national Energy Action Plan 2009 - 2020 which requires a reduction in energy consumption of 33% across all public sector buildings.

The scope of our service will include the following elements:

  • A review of energy consumption over to past 3 years to establish mean spend and energy usage patterns
  • Benchmarking of existing energy usage against industry norms to determine scope for future energy and cost savings
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement including the no cost, low cost, medium cost and high cost options
  • Determination of costs for implementing the opportunities identified along with payback analysis
  • Compilation of programme for phased implementation of opportunities
  • Financial analysis using the net present value assessment method to compare the 'Do Nothing' option against the 'Full Implementation' option

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