Flooding Workshop: Hydraulic Modelling of Fluvial Systems, Portlaoise Heritage Hotel

The risk of flooding is defined as a function of both the probability of a flood happening and its impact. In urban areas, the impact can be very high because the areas affected are densely populated and contain vital infrastructure. The reason for increased flooding in urban areas is twofold. Firstly, increased urbanisation has resulted in developments encroaching on floodplains, obstructing floodways and the loss of natural flood storage. Secondly, increased urbanisation has resulted in increased impervious areas such as roads, roofs and paving which create more rainwater water run-off.

To establish the flood risk associated with individual sites or catchments PUNCH Consulting Engineers can undertake Flood Risk Assessments in conjunction with River Flow Modeling.

PUNCH Consulting Engineers recognise that the Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) approach to drainage reduces flood risk, minimises diffuse pollution, maintains or restores natural flow regimes and improves water resources while enhancing amenity. PUNCH have varied and extensive experience in the design of SUDS systems.

Presentation Slides from the Flooding Workshop in the Portlaoise Heritage Hotel on Wednesday 14th March, focussing on the hydraulic modelling of fluvial systems.

Multi-Dimensional Modelling - Session 1
Discussion of the key inputs and outputs from 1D, 2D and 3D modelling. Download

Case Studies - Session 2
Presentations of fluvial studies. Examining a site particularly vulnerable to Climate Change with complex flooding issues from a combination of fluvial systems and tidal inundation. Download

Schematising a model - Session3
Discussion of what specific data are required to create your model and where such data may be sourced. Download

Case Studies - Session 4
Presentations of pluvial studies. Incorporation of rainfall, fluvial and storm water systems using 1D-2D linked modelling for multi-criteria analysis of flood impacts. Download

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