Mungret Sewerage Scheme – Civil Works Contract

PUNCH Murnane Consulting Engineers is the Employer’s Representative and Project Supervisor Design Process (PSDP) for Mungret Sewerage Scheme – Civil Works Contract.  Our client for this project is Limerick County Council.

Mungret Sewerage Scheme is designed to collect wastewater from in and around the village of Mungret, Co. Limerick.  It includes the construction of new foul and surface water gravity sewers and associated manholes, gully and house connections.

The contract involves the construction of approximately 5km of foul and surface water sewers up to 900mm diameter and 6m deep, mainly in public roads. Much of the trench excavation was in limestone rock.

The contract includes for making connections to downstream 450mm diameter foul and 900mm diameter surface water sewers constructed by others a part of the Scheme.  Foul flows are conveyed to the wastewater treatment plant at Bunlicky, constructed under the Limerick Main Drainage (LMD) Scheme (PUNCH Consulting Engineers was a member of the design team consortium for LMD also).  Surface water is ultimately conveyed to Bunlicky Lake via a series of existing open channels and culverts.

The Contractor for the works is MJS Civil Engineering Ltd.  The works, excluding Permanent Reinstatement of Roads, was certified as substantially complete in February 2013.

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