Older Persons Accommodation Southill

PUNCH Consulting Engineers have successfully tendered for Older Persons Accommodation Southill with ABK Architects.

As part of the Regeneration programme that was first published in October 2008 an integrated plan was prepared by the Treaty Group as part of a Masterplan team for the Southill area. The Masterplan envisaged the demolition of all the existing houses and their replacement with new better quality neighbourhoods. However subsequent to this, as part of the Implementation Strategy and in light of the new altered financial landscape it concluded that a combination of demolition, new build and refurbishment would form the basis of the approach.

The Vision Statement for the Regeneration of Southill identified that part of the replacement housing provision within the estate should be in the form of accommodation for Older Persons. The inclusion of a retirement housing scheme at an early stage of the implementation allows for some existing residents to downsize from 3 bedroom houses thus freeing them up for either demolition or refurbishment.

The site is four sided but is almost triangular in shape, narrowing as you move from west to east. Its western boundary is 88.6 metres, its northern 102 metres, its southern 141 metres and its eastern 27.8 metres (all approximate dimensions) with an area of 0.5317 hectares or 1.31 acres.

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