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PUNCH Consulting Engineers has provided Environmental and Civil Engineering services on a wide range of projects over the years, adapting to meet the ever changing environment. PUNCH has fostered the keystone of good service on which numerous projects in the industry of infrastructure/site development functions. The range of projects we undertake is as diverse in form as in cost.  PUNCH is a leading driver of sustainable and environmental developments. Our client base includes both the private and public sectors and our experience covers all aspects of Environmental and Civil Engineering including:

Civil Infrastructure

PUNCH Consulting Engineers approach all Infrastructure schemes with energy, expertise and a commitment to excellence. Our experience ranges from large public schemes, master planning of greenfield, brownfield and regeneration infrastructure projects to small bespoke designs for private developments.

PUNCH provided civil and structural engineering services for the Poppintree area of Ballymun and was involved the masterplanning of services in the Ballymun Regeneration Scheme, a €2.5 billion project which has completely redeveloped and revitalised the Ballymun area of Dublin. PUNCH was also involved in the Design and Contract Supervision of the Limerick Main Drainage scheme for Limerick County Council which included 19km of large diameter Interceptor Sewer, two major crossings of the Shannon River, pump stations, outfall structures, and the structural and hydraulic rehabilitation of the existing network using on line replacement and lining techniques. The scheme also included the construction of a new waste water treatment works and won the ACEI Annual Award in 2006.

PUNCH has been promoting sustainable design for years and is particularly proud of our approach and in house expertise on Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS).  Our expertise includes design of permeable paving, swales, lagoons, attenuation ponds, construction wetlands and infiltration drains.

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Environmental Consultancy

PUNCH Consulting Engineers is an ISO 14001 accredited company. We recognise that good management includes all environmental matters and ensure that environmental protection and prevention of pollution of air, water and land are part of all decisions, policies and practices.

PUNCH has expertise with relevant environmental legislation, regulatory requirements and corporate guidelines and provides self-monitoring to ensure compliance. PUNCH recognises the growing need for the environmental engineering to be brought to the fore and have vast experience working with public and private clients in the area, including the preparation of Environmental Impact Assessments.

PUNCH can also assist local authorities in the implementation of a FOG (Fats, Oils & Grease) programme, aimed at reducing maintenance costs & associated environmental risks. PUNCH offerings are further expanded in our brochure.

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Waste Management Services

How we manage our waste has changed significantly in Ireland in recent years with a welcome drive towards a more sustainable approach for both domestic and commercial producers and accordingly our waste operators.  National and European policy and legislation requires that waste is managed in accordance with the waste hierarchy and with consideration of the objectives of the relevant directives in terms of diversion of recyclable and organic wastes from landfill.

PUNCH Consulting Engineering is highly experienced in the waste management sector and can provide advice and design solutions from planning stage to construction.  Our staff are highly skilled and can ensure your project is delivered with an improved engineering and environmental performance that meets its legal obligations. PUNCH has been employed as Civil Engineers by Limerick’s Mr. Binman Limited since 1998 and has been the lead consultant on the additions to the main waste processing facility at Luddenmore, Kilmallock, Co. Limerick. PUNCH is also currently designing a new facility at Greenport Environmental Ltd, Composting / Biogas Facility, Foynes, Limerick.

PUNCH can assist you through the following services:

  • Waste Licensing, Permitting and Certificates of Registration
  • Material recovery / recycling and civic amenity facilities
  • Organic Waste Treatment
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Contaminated Land Risk Assessment
  • Assessment/Restoration of Closed Landfills and Contaminated Land
  • Waste Policy and Regulation advice
  • Waste Management Strategies
  • Facility Site Selection and Appraisal Studies
  • Landfill Construction including Leachate and Gas Management Systems
  • Construction and Demolition Waste Management Planning
  • Waste Management Plans for Commercial Developments

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Urban Drainage

The risk of flooding is defined as a function of both the probability of a flood happening and its impact. In urban areas, the impact can be very high because the areas affected are densely populated and contain vital infrastructure. The reason for increased flooding in urban areas is twofold. Firstly, increased urbanisation has resulted in developments encroaching on floodplains, obstructing floodways and the loss of natural flood storage. Secondly, increased urbanisation has resulted in increased impervious areas such as roads, roofs and paving which create more rainwater water run-off.

To establish the flood risk associated with individual sites or catchments PUNCH Consulting Engineers can undertake Flood Risk Assessments in conjunction with River Flow Modeling.

Traditional drainage systems were designed to move rainwater as rapidly as possible from the point at which it has fallen to a discharge point, via a piped system to either a watercourse or soakaway. During periods of wet weather this approach can result in the increased risk of flooding downstream, sudden rises in water levels and flow rates in watercourses, By diverting rainfall to piped systems, water is stopped from soaking into the ground, depleting ground water and reducing flows in watercourses in dry weather. In addition, surface water run-off can contain contaminants such as oil, organic matter and toxic metals. Although often at low levels, cumulatively they can result in poor water quality in rivers and groundwater, affecting biodiversity, amenity value and potential water abstraction.

PUNCH Consulting Engineers recognise that the Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) approach to drainage reduces flood risk, minimises diffuse pollution, maintains or restores natural flow regimes and improves water resources while enhancing amenity. PUNCH have varied and extensive experience in the design of SUDS systems.

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