ACEI Awards 2022 – PUNCH win Environmental Sustainability Natural Environment Award

PUNCH are delighted to announce that at the 2022 ACEI Engineering Excellence Awards held on Friday, our National Forensic Mental Health Service (NFMHS) project in Portrane won the Environmental Sustainability Natural Environment Award.

The biodiversity enhancing solutions incorporated on this significant, 13 hectare, site included channelling surface water to revitalise adjacent wetlands that had been drying out. Additionally, over 145,000m3 of surplus soil excavated during the works was repurposed to create natural habitats for local flora and fauna. The areas surrounding the site have been significantly rejuvenated and are now teaming with life! We consider this rejuvenation to be a metaphor for the excellent work healthcare professionals will do within this world class new facility.

This is a fantastic achievement for our PUNCH team, the wider design team, including Scott Tallon Walker Architects plus Faith Wilson Ecology and JJR / OHLA Contractors. We also wish to thank our client, the HSE for entrusting us with the project and we wish them all the best with the new “award winning” facility.

Congratulations to all involved!

Pictured above;

Tim Murnane, Donal Gallery, Nicholas Heffernan, Stephen McCormack (OHLA), Eleanor Masterson (HSE), Marie-Claire Daly, Peter Finnegan (HSE), Ronan Stokes, David Clarke, and Paul Casey

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