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Project Details

Client: Kildare County Council

Architect: Heneghan Peng Architects

Value: €50M

Services Provided: C&S Engineering Services

Category: Offices

Project Completed: 2004

Project Description

The architectural characteristics of this building presented PUNCH Consulting Engineers with a number of structural engineering challenges.  Fundamentally, the building itself is not vertical, with the end sections inclined at 1:6, which in itself poses stability issues not encountered in conventional projects.  A 9m long, 3-storey high Council Chamber “floating” in mid-air over the park without columns below was achieved to create un-interrupted views across the site.  This structure was designed dynamically to avoid any potential problems with vibration.  The 3-storey high atrium, 45m in length, was constructed mainly with cantilevered slabs.  Working closely with the architects vision, PUNCH designed connections and structural elements throughout the project to be hidden within the concrete floor slabs to provide clean lines to the buildings form.  PUNCH also worked closely with the rest of the design team to achieve sustainable building solutions involving energy conservation, natural air-ventilation, and the use of re-directed sun-light.

The award winning design of the new Kildare Civic Office building pushes the boundary of cutting edge engineering and architecture to achieve clean lines, transparency, visibility and uncompromised visual impact. Located on a 3.2 hectare site, the building consists of two 100m long, glass-clad buildings, inter-connected by a series of ramps housed in a glass link-structure.

PUNCH Consulting Engineers were delighted to be part of the design of such an exciting and dynamic building.  In all of our projects, we continue to strive towards providing innovative, sustainable and cost effective solutions to complex problems.

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