Doonbeg Golf Resort

Doonbeg, Co. Clare​

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Project Details

Architect: Covell Matthews

Value: Confidential

Services Provided: C&S Engineering Services, Coastal Protection Design

Category: Leisure & Hotels

Project Duration: 2014 – Ongoing

Project Description

PUNCH Consulting Engineers were appointed following severe storms of 2014 to assess and develop proposals for protection of the remaining coastline along the golf course at Doonbeg Golf Resort.

A detailed assessment of the hydrological conditions was carried out to inform preliminary option design to provide the necessary protection in addition to compliance with the strict environmental requirements at this site which includes a Special Area of Conservation.

The presence of a significant Special Area of Conservation along the Bay has driven the development of all potential protection options. A detailed Environmental Impact Assessment report has been prepared to accompany the planning application. Based on technical assessments, the emerging preferred design is a berm of rock armour 6m high faced with cobble already present on the beach.

The height of the proposed armour is a result of detailed hydrologic and hydraulic modelling of storm surge, wave heights and water levels in the Bay. Along with preliminary design and planning application PUNCH were also appointed to prepare detailed designs, oversee construction works and perform the role of PSDP. Consultation with local residents, the Local Authority and the general public is integral to developing the design and preparing the planning application. 

Following the coastal protection works, development of the site will proceed with the design and construction of additional guest accommodation and improved guest facilities including a banquet hall and leisure center with swimming pool.

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