Luas Line B1 – Spine Road Bridge

Cherrywood, Co. Dublin

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Project Details

Client: Pinnacle Precast Concrete

Architect: TBA

Value: €3.0M

Services Provided: C&S Engineering Services

Category: Bridge

Project Duration: May ’07 – Feb ‘08

Project Description

This 300m long underpass structure carries the Lehaunstown Road over the Luas line at Cherrywood, Co. Dublin.

The structure utilizes a double “T” precast walling system built on spread foundation and integral bridge deck with precast concrete bridge beams and track slab.  The precast wall system erected in vertical panels allowed for high efficiencies in speed of construction and repeatability to be achieved.

The double “T” precast concrete wall system utilizes a circa 160mm front flange with 800 – 1,200mm deep ribs. This structurally provides a highly efficient solution, minimizing concrete volumes and hence reducing substantially the carbon footprint for this large structure.

An in-situ concrete bank seat is located at the top of the precast wall system to allow transfer of moment forces between deck and wall, hence ensuring fully integral and avoiding the need for any joints.

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