Mallow Primary Care Centre

Mallow, Co. Cork​

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Project Details

Client: Castlelands Construction
Company Ltd.

Contractor: Castlelands Construction
Company Ltd.

Value: €20.0M

Services Provided: C&S Engineering Services

Category: Healthcare

Project Duration: 2007 – 2009

Project Description

Mallow Primary Care Centre facility is located in Mallow, Co Cork.  The building is circa 6,500sqm and its principle function is to amalgamate three existing town centre GP practices and integrated 2,400sqm of accommodation for the Health Services Executive, including primary care, clinical support services, and administration and staff facilities.

The four storey split-level development offers a one-stop-shop for primary healthcare facilities and incorporates ancillary support services.  In line with the National Health Strategy, the development facilitates primary care teams consisting of interdisciplinary groups of GP’s, nurses/midwifes, health care assistants, home help, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, receptionists, clerical staff etc.  The development also accommodates medical retail units and administration areas.

PUNCH Consulting Engineers were responsible for the full design of the facility, which was constructed using a combined pad and ground floor slab structure with a floating finished ground floor.  The superstructure is constructed using a reinforced concrete flat slab framed using concrete columns.  The building is sited into steep terrain topography and the integration is formed using split levels formed by reinforced concrete retaining walls.  The walls facilitate a walkway to the external periphery of the entire building footprint finished using a segmented concrete walling system to maximise the aesthetical appearance of the retaining structure.  This arrangement allows natural light into the building at lower levels, together with some internal courtyards formed within the central core of the building allowing light to internal rooms and offices.

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