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Structural Engineering

PUNCH Consulting Engineers has been providing structural engineering services since the formation of the company in 1973. Our experience gained over this time covers a broad range of projects, from small refurbishments to large mixed-use developments.  Our extensive professional offering include design services for both new-build and refurbishment projects, design & build consultancy services, value engineering services, temporary works design, due diligence checks on third party projects, insurance claims and expert witness services.

Our experience at PUNCH is widely evident from the substantial and varied portfolio of projects we have amassed over the years. The scale of projects we have worked on includes some of the largest in the country.  However, we bring the same attention to detail to projects of all sizes, from houses, libraries, banks, and clinics to warehouses, hospitals, sports stadia and office blocks.

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PUNCH Consulting Engineers have successfully delivered and are continuing to deliver a wide variety of Office Developments in Dublin City and throughout the country. Our experience covers all types of structural forms including concrete, steel and composite office types in both the public and private sectors. Our office experience covers brownfield sites that are fully demolished and reconstructed, greenfield sites where new office developments are constructed and full refurbishments of existing office buildings and upgrading and renovating to current construction standards.

We have been involved in many office projects in built up urban areas and have vast experience in dealing with project and site issues associated with City Centre developments. We specialise in underground structures below office developments such as car parks, plant rooms and habitable spaces if required. This is hugely important in City Centre sites where maximising floor areas are key whilst achieving the requirements of the clients with regards to car parking and plant. PUNCH Consulting Engineers have extensive experience working on projects adjacent to Luas and Irish Rail assets and fully understand the requirements and processes involved with these bodies on such projects.

Over the years, PUNCH have successfully delivered a broad range of education-related projects. Our experience covers primary, secondary and third level facilities in the public and private sectors, with projects completed on behalf of the Department of Education & Skills, as well as Vocational Education Committees (VECs) and private schools. We have also worked on Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects.  We have worked on all of the main university campuses, with many of our projects winning awards.

Our vast experience in dealing with the unique project, site and building issues that commonly occur on school projects enables us to deliver engineered solutions on new or live sites. Our expertise includes dealing with decanting and phasing of projects, designing to the DoES guidelines and providing robust solutions to current Building Regulations, while respecting and delivering on the architectural design intents.

Through our involvement with hundreds of projects of all sizes in the area of healthcare construction, both in Ireland and overseas, we have gained a reputation as a provider of a quality civil and structural engineering service to our clients. , Our projects include public and private hospitals (acute and non-acute), clinics, primary healthcare facilities, nursing homes, hospices, rehabilitation units and mental health facilities.

We understand the pivotal role that the civil and structural engineer can play in the development of complex modern healthcare projects, and how we can provide innovative solutions to allow the architectural intent and the mechanical and electrical services solution to be facilitated and integrated in a logical and cost-effective structure. We also have experience of the many complexities of healthcare construction design, such as designing bunkers for radiotherapy machines, or new operating theatres or diagnostic facilities containing highly sensitive equipment.

We have worked on many landmark hotels throughout Ireland and the UK. These have included one off luxury hotels such as the five star Adare Manor and Resort (host of the next Ryder Cup) and chains of hotels such as for the Dalata Group. We consider that, successful hotels are those that provide a quality product, with highly trained staff, who deliver a top-class customer service experience. In that regard we feel the hotel industry reflects our own business offering, where the old-fashioned fundamentals of customer service coupled with a high quality offering lead to success.

We have also been involved in the development of many sports and leisure facilities, from small club houses and local pitch developments to large scale sports centres and major stadia developments. The pinnacle of our work to date in this area was the completion of the iconic Thomond Park Rugby Stadium. This was especially pleasing to us as the company was founded in Limerick in 1973 by Michael Punch, himself a proud Limerick man and Munster Rugby supporter. Sports & leisure developments often stretch the ability of the structural engineer, in that the project may require long clear spans, exposed structural skeletons, or unusual geometry to make them work. They may also have to operate under harsh environmental conditions, such as within a swimming pool environment. All these are challenges we relish at PUNCH and our portfolio of work demonstrates our ability to deliver successful results for our clients.

PUNCH is at the forefront of the design delivery of residential projects at all scales throughout Ireland. Our portfolio ranges from public to private projects and includes major developments such as the €500 million Beacon South Quarter Project and the €182 million Shanganagh Castle Residential project for the Land Development Agency/Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council – the first LDA project developed in Ireland; to smaller developments like the RIAI award winning Southhill Older Person Housing for Limerick Co. Co. Our reputation is for getting things done with sustained commitment throughout the project to provide a service to our Clients’ that achieves that critical balance between creative and cost-effective buildable solutions.

PUNCH Consulting Engineers have an established team delivering complex manufacturing projects for national and multi-national clients since our foundation. Our client base includes companies such as Analog Devices, Facebook, Regeneron, Stryker, Lufthansa and Rusal Auganish amongst others. Our expert division specialise in project delivery in the high tech and industrial sectors. This team of engineers understands the complexities of these projects and the fundamental drivers of our clients operations. Items such as service integration, plant servicing requirements, vibration, and production control, separate these projects from the more traditional building projects which are driven predominately by their architectural design . Our completed projects include clean rooms, central utility buildings, site infrastructure works, office buildings, laboratories, research and development facilities and tool move and hook up projects.

PUNCH are specialists in the design and procurement of logistics and industrial developments through all stages. Given the scale of buildings associated with Distribution Centres & Logistics Warehousing, cost control and certainty are fundamental key elements. Understanding the brief and working in conjunction with the architect to produce a scheme that works for the end user whilst maximising flexibility and economy of design are essential to the delivery of a successful project. We have provided complete consultancy services on a wide range of global logistics related projects over the years. PUNCH have ensured that we have kept at the forefront of the latest logistics design approaches to meet the ever-changing global environment by utilising new technologies and engineering advancements. We have experience in ambient, chilled and frozen logistics buildings including manual and automated racking and sortation. Our knowledge is backed up with established relationships and experience of logistic service providers including automation systems, racking, sprinklers, warehouse management systems, MHE equipment and battery charging operations. The service that we provide is based on providing excellent and economical design solutions through the right mix of experience and enthusiasm in order to optimise the design.

Over the years PUNCH has been involved in many high-profile retail developments including Beacon South Quarter, Ferrybank Kilkenny and Scotch Hall Drogheda. We recognise the importance of a flexible layout to accommodate the changing demands of the end users and clients. We understand how retail developments should be future-proofed insofar as is economically justified and also ensuring that the build quality is maintained at the highest possible standards, so that our clients can rely on their investment into the future. With the scale of buildings associated with shopping centres and retail, cost control and certainty are fundamental key elements. Understanding the brief and working in conjunction with the architect to produce a scheme that works for the end user, whilst maximising flexibility and economy of design are essential to the delivery of a successful project.

PUNCH Consulting Engineers experience in Marine & Energy offers an integrated project management and engineering service to our clients.  Initially PUNCH provided project management and marine engineering services and since then we have continued to grow and expand our offering to the Oil and Gas, Petro-Chemical, Electricity Generation, Leisure, Tourism and Fishing industries on a national and international stage. PUNCH has worked on a wide range of projects, varying in scope, size and complexity. These include large scale commercial jetties, leisure marinas and oil terminals (tank farms). We also have experience in the design and implementation of marine solutions including gravity marine structures such as at the award winning Cill Rónáin Harbour Development, suspended piled marine structures, armour-stone breakwaters and revetments, sheet piled structures, underwater concreting and pre-casting for marine concrete, maintenance dredging and capital dredging.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

PUNCH Consulting Engineers has provided Environmental and Civil Engineering services on a wide range of projects over the years, adapting to meet the ever-changing environment. PUNCH has fostered the keystone of good service on which numerous projects in the industry of infrastructure/site development functions. The range of projects we undertake is as diverse in form as in scale.  PUNCH is a leading driver of sustainable and environmentally aware developments. Our client base includes both the private and public sectors with our experience covering a wide spectrum of Environmental and Civil Engineering services.

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Historically PUNCH has been synonymous in the field of bridge engineering having designed and project managed the construction of many bridge structures for a variety of clients through the years. We have amassed enormous experience in all aspects of the sector, from the inspection and assessment and conservation of existing bridges to the provision of exciting new structures in conjunction with architectural firms. PUNCH has the ability to bring schemes from feasibility stage, through planning and oral hearing stages and finally to design, procurement and construction.

PUNCH has an extensive range of roads design experience. The experience dates back to the inception of the Company and includes primary and district distributor roads, local distributor roads, general access roads, industrial estate roads and minor residential roads. Our Clients include those in both the public and private sectors. Designs undertaken include Greenways, new road / bridge projects, realignment and upgrade of bridges / existing road networks together with urban renewal projects.

PUNCH also has an extensive range of transportation engineering experience. The Company prepares Traffic and Transportation Assessments (TTA) and Workplace Travel Plans (WTP)/ Mobility Management Plans (MMP) in support of planning applications for both public and private infrastructure. Based on our years of experience in road and traffic design we can provide advice on best practice and economical solutions for roads projects of varying scales.

PUNCH’s civil infrastructure expertise brings increased value to our Clients’ development on greenfield, brownfield and regeneration infrastructure projects. Our service covers the design and project management across a wide range of project types through all stages from feasibility to planning and on to detailed design and construction. Our diverse portfolio includes standalone large scale public drainage schemes to smaller bespoke designs for private developments as part of an overall design team on residential, industrial, retail / commercial, educational and leisure/ tourism projects. Our commitment to technical excellence and being at the forefront of technology is key to the successful delivery of projects in this sector. PUNCH has invested heavily in the latest Civil Infrastructure software and modelling engineers essential for optimising earthworks cut and fill assessments and drainage network design.

PUNCH have a wealth of experience in Flood Risk Assessment and Management through all project stages. The PUNCH Flood Risk Management team have extensive knowledge and experience of hydrological and hydraulic modelling. We understand the key issues associated with flood risk management and sustainable design. We have completed a number of Site-Specific Flood Risk Assessments (Stages 1-3) for all scales of commercial, residential and industrial developments in both urban and rural environments. We have significant experience in the design of sustainable urban drainage systems and in the management of flood events through the provision of remedial works to existing embankments, bridges, public roadways and coastal structures.

PUNCH Consulting Engineers are an approved Independent Stormwater Auditor within the Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council area. Stormwater Audits are carried out at the preliminary and detailed design stages of a project and again on completion of the construction stage. These are known respectively as Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 Stormwater Audits. Their purpose is to ensure that best practice in relation to stormwater interception, treatment and management are executed in proposed developments. PUNCH has a dedicated team of engineers with extensive experience in carrying out Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 Stormwater Audits.

PUNCH Consulting Engineers has significant experience in the planning, design and construction of water supply projects for private and public clients in both rural and urban locations. We offer comprehensive water conservation consultancy services on all aspects of conservation and rehabilitation projects. We provide expertise on services including information systems management, network conditions evaluation, district metered area designs, active leak detection and repair programmes, pressure management solutions, demand management initiatives, advice and contract document preparation for civils works and telemetry contracts for the installation of water conservation infrastructure, design, supervision and co-ordination of rehabilitation and replacement works.

Our specialist team at PUNCH can assess the performance of existing water supply networks and assess the impact of any upgrade that may be considered. This allows our clients to determine what the most cost effective solution is to managing their facilities operations.

PUNCH Consulting Engineers has designed and supervised the construction of numerous wastewater infrastructure schemes for both onsite treatment and discharge to public infrastructure. PUNCH has also been involved in the design of on-site wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations, outfall structures, and the obtaining of wastewater discharge licenses from Local Authorities.

Our specialist team at PUNCH can provides cost effective advice and design solutions for projects which include modelling of pipe networks using Causeway Flow hydraulic modelling package, on site wastewater treatment, discharge licences and pumping station design.

At PUNCH Consulting Engineers we recognize that sustainability needs to be at the front and center of all engineering design. We achieve this through implementation of the following actions which add significant value to our service.

  • We undertake Whole Life Carbon Assessments to ensure that the carbon footprint of our designs is minimized.
  • We specify materials with lower embodied energy contents including the use of Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS) in concrete and where possible, mass timber (i.e. Cross Laminated Timber or Glue Laminated Timber) as an alternative to steel and concrete
  • We adopt passive design principles including free colling using thermal mass of building structure
  • We design our building structures to be suitable for re-use and conversion to help promote circularity

We actively embrace the sustainability challenges relating to the built environment through a range of collaborations with researches, academics, other industry professionals thereby ensuring that we are at the forefront of this sector. We have a dedicated group within the company with a focus on Timber as a viable alternative to steel and concrete structures. The successful adoption of such engineered timber products manufactured in Ireland has the potential to significantly improve the sustainability of our new buildings.
We are also strong advocates for the use of environmental accreditation schemes including LEED and BREEAM and have been involved in numerous projects which have been certified using one or other of these schemes.

PUNCH Consulting Engineers have provided civil and structural engineering services across a broad range of projects in the solid waste and energy sectors over the past number of years. Projects completed in these sectors have included bulk petrochemical storage facilities, bulk composting facilities for the treatment of organic waste for re-use in the agricultural sector, waste transfer stations and recycling centres for handling municipal solid waste and planning stage services for a number of wind farms. In the energy sector, Climate Change and associated carbon reduction targets set at European Union level will necessitate a significant shift away from fossil fuels and towards renewables. PUNCH has significant experience and competence across the various renewable energy forms including wind, solar, biomass, hydro etc. PUNCH can provide a range of expertise in this area including feasibility studies, resource assessments, planning stage services including engineering design and environmental inputs and construction stage services.


PUNCH Conservation stands on the threshold between the past and the future. The energies of holy men and women and not so holy men and women, families, artists, architects, carpenters, masons, quarrymen, plasterers, gardeners and so-called ordinary people are encapsulated in the spirit and style of our protected structures.

PUNCH has been doing the work of conservation engineering since the practice was founded in 1973, before the description “conservation engineer” was ever in use. In recent years a fundamental cultural and social need to maintain our connection with our built past has emerged, the recognition of which is now enshrined in national and international legislation. As a consequence, the role and part to be played by the engineering profession in this area has emerged as a distinct specialist contribution and service.

PUNCH Conservation is a response to this need, founded on our existing specialist skills, our profoundly experienced conservation team and network of resources – and our commitment, as a national company, to making a difference for our clients and other contributors – architects, archaeologists, garden historians, interior designers, artists, trades people, social historians, educators and all involved in this important area of endeavour.

"Taking the time to get inside the head of the original owners, designers, masons and carpenters so that the engineering response was made in a context of deep understanding and respect."

"The approach to the structural solution must be one that produces the least impact to the existing building within the client desired programme."

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a collaborative way of working, underpinned by the digital technologies which unlock more efficient methods of designing, creating and maintaining our assets. BIM embeds key product and asset data and a 3 dimensional computer model that can be used for effective management of information throughout a project lifecycle – from earliest concept through to operation.

PUNCH have been using BIM on award winning innovative projects since 2007. This has been achieved through the adoption of BIM processes into our management system as well as employing the latest software such as Autodesk Revit, Civils 3D, Navisworks and Tekla Structural Designer. For information sharing, PUNCH collaborates using various online Common Data Environments (CDE). Our 3D BIM models can be investigated both visually and analytically enabling the delivery of a project in an informed, collaborative, efficient and ultimately in a more cost-effective way. PUNCH’s experience in developing BIM models along with our in-house engineering expertise helps deliver real project value. 

PUNCH Consulting Engineers have achieved certification from the National Standards Authority Ireland (NSAI) to the current Building Information Modelling (BIM) International standards ISO 19650-1:2018 and ISO 19650-2:2018. This builds on PUNCH previous certification from British Standards Institution (BSI) for BIM Level 2 as a Tier 1 consultant.

PUNCH Consulting Engineers have achieved certification from the National Standards Authority Ireland (NSAI) to the current Building Information Modelling (BIM) International standards ISO 19650-1:2018 and ISO 19650-2:2018. This builds on PUNCH previous certification from British Standards Institution (BSI) for BIM Level 2 as a Tier 1 consultant.

Achieving certification recognises PUNCH capabilities to collaboratively building information modelling. It demonstrates that our organisation and digitization of information and Information management systems are to current international standards and are also integrated into our ISO9001 quality management systems.

BIM allows for information to be shared between project team members and contractors in 3D environment. It provides greater benefits for clients, design teams and contractors alike. A BIM model also assists with commissioning and long-term maintenance and whole-life cycle building performance and costs. PUNCH collaboratively develops a BIM model with all stake holders to effectively create a smart model of the building.  The key benefits of adopting BIM that PUNCH have identified over the years is that it highlights constructability issues much earlier than traditional methods, allows for faster coordination between design team members, enhances sustainability, clearer visualisation, optimised solutions and ensures site coordination issues are minimised and their impact on the construction program.

PUNCH also linked the BIM model to a 3D analytical model.  This makes it possible to quickly analyse different structural options to optimise the structural solution and deliver a more cost-effective sustainable structure. Synergy between Autodesk REVIT software and the various analytical packages ensures that design developments can be quickly assessed and coordinated with other design team members.

To further enhance PUNCH 3D modelling capabilities, PUNCH also utilise AutoCAD Civil 3D software for civil engineering aspects of projects, such as road design including intersections, roundabouts, corridor design, earthworks cut & fill volumes, drainage utilities and services coordination.  Using AutoCAD Civil 3D software allows rapid manipulation of ground profiles to reach the optimum solution, which in-turn can be used in HECRAS software for detailed flood analysis.

Civil 3D software enables PUNCH to react quickly to new information as it becomes available.  Any subsequent design changes can also be realised early and the impact assessed. By using AutoCAD Civil 3D, PUNCH can show clients multiple design solutions so that the optimum solution can be determined.  The Civil 3D model can also be combined with the BIM Revit building model to give an overall coordinated model of the building and the site.

At PUNCH we continually strive to bring value to our clients while delivering a high level of service. Continual investment in software at the forefront of Building Information Modelling and Civil 3D, in addition with experienced personnel ensures that the service being delivered by PUNCH will exceed expectations and provide the optimum solution.

Assigned Certifier

PUNCH Consulting Engineers have been carrying out the role of Assigned Certifier for projects since the new Building Control (Amendment) Regulations (S.I. No. 9 of 2014) came into force on 1st March 2014. Since that time, our dedicated team have gained extensive knowledge and experience in the area and have delivered numerous compliant buildings on a variety of projects for our valued clients.

The role of Assigned Certifier is critical to the implementation of the new regulations. The Assigned Certifier undertakes to inspect and to co-ordinate the inspection activities of all key parties during the construction process by way of a robust Inspection Plan, in addition to obtaining the appropriate supplementary statutory, ancillary and testing certificates, thus ensuring adequate evidence of compliance with Building Regulations is achieved.

The Assigned Certifier certifies the building or works on completion by way of a Certificate of Compliance on Completion and uploads all associated documentation to the online Building Control Management System (BCMS) platform for ultimate validation and registration by the relevant Local Authority Building Control.

Our team has also cultivated an excellent working relationship with the various Building Control Authorities and continuously engage with them regarding all aspects of the Regulations, particularly where client-specific requirements are necessitated whilst ensuring compliance is still achieved.

"The Assigned Certifier undertakes to inspect and to co-ordinate the inspection activities of other key parties during the construction process by way of a robust Inspection Plan and to certify the buildings or works on completion."

"The ultimate objective on any given project is to deliver a quality constructed, compliant product to the client."

Health & Safety

PUNCH Health & Safety has extensive experience providing construction health & safety services since the enactment of the initial legislation in 1995.

Our core service is that of Project Supervisor Design Process (PSDP), in accordance with the Safety Health & Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2013. We also provide support to contractors in relation to safety aspects of alternative designs and method statements.

Our experience ranges across the full spectrum of projects: from major infrastructure projects, public buildings, retail, logistics and residential developments, to complex refurbishment projects within  hospitals  and  industrial plants.

The approach of the PUNCH team to the PSDP role on a project is one of a fully integrated design team member, who should be viewed as a resource which will improve the overall design by ensuring that it is a safer and a more buildable solution.

Clients need to be assured that they are compliant with the legislation, and that their design team and contractor are likewise. They also need to be reassured that the safety considerations are not adding unreasonable costs to their project. We prompt our clients on all actions to satisfy their duties and also act in a pragmatic manner to ensure that safety remains an active thread throughout the design and construction process. Our combination of academic qualifications and extensive experience in the industry allows us to bring expert but practical advice to the design. We believe that proper consideration of safety in design will lead to more buildable and maintainable solutions, thus adding value to the service.

Clients have a statutory duty to appoint designers and Project Supervisors with competence and experience in compliance with the Safety Legislation. PUNCH operates a Health & Safety Management System that is accredited to ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) and forms an integral part of our overall Integrated Management System which also includes accreditation to ISO 9001: (Quality Management System) since 1997 and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System). Thus, our clients can be reassured that all of our commissions will be carried out in compliance with the health and safety regulations.

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