River Shambles, Monaghan

Co. Dublin​

Project Details

Client: Aldi Ireland

Services Provided: Flooding

Category: Flood Risk Assesment & Urban Drainage

Project Completed: March 2016

Project Description

PUNCH Consulting Engineers were commissioned to carry out investigations into the flooding issues of the River Shambles in Monaghan town and complete a Flood Risk Assessment for the purposes of a planning application for a retail development. The site selected for development has been repeatedly flooded from a culverted section of the River Shambles. However to enable design of the development, the flooding mechanisms had to be understood first. In order to do this, a ISIS TuFLOW 1d-2d Linked Hydraulic Model was built to simulate a flood and estimate flow paths, flood extent and flood depths. Using this model, PUNCH Consulting Engineers carried an assessment of the culvert and the potential flow restrictions downstream of Monaghan Sensitivity testing found that a number of sections of low channel capacity were the primary driver of the recent flood events in Monaghan town. A number of solutions to the flooding issues were proposed and finished floor levels were recommended that enabled the design team to progress the design of the development.

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