St. Patrick’s Cathedral


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Project Details

Client: St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Value: €6.0M

Services Provided: Civil, Structural & Conservation Services

Category: Conservation

Project Duration: 2017 – Ongoing (2021)

Project Description

St. Patrick’s Cathedral founded in 1192, is the National Cathedral of the Church of Ireland. It has a long and interesting history, and following problems with roof slate failures, is currently undergoing the most extensive programme of roof repairs since the Guinness Restoration in 1865.
Substantial research and investigations have helped inform the repair proposals and underpin the conservation approach. These include:

  • Accessible scaffolding design to protect and weather proof the existing roof during re-roofing works.
  • Repair proposals to the different timber structures: king post trusses, purlins and rafters for all the varying spans and roof voids in the Cathedral.
  • Assessment of roof slates.
  • Design and review of internal high level timber walkways.
  • Design of masonry repair works to the external parapets.

The scale is significant and is a once in a generation project.

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