Tanir Bavi Power Station Enclosed Harbour​

Mangalore, India​

Project Details

Client: Tanir Bavi Power Company / HR Wallingford UK

Value: €5.0M

Services Provided: Structural Design Services 

Category: Marine & Energy

Project Completed: 2001

Project Description

In 2000, PUNCH Consulting Engineers assisted with the civil engineering design and detailing of a reinforced concrete basin to house a new 220MW power station, for Tanir Bavi Power Company, in Mangalore, India.

The harbour includes separate jetty structures on three sides that facilitated the safe arrival of the floating power station from Korea, as well as an enclosing structure that provides safe accommodation within the harbour for the floating station, during service.  The decision to construct the accommodation jetty structures in parallel with the power station construction in Korea influenced the design significantly but facilitated a fastrack delivery to completion for the client.

The design included coordination of civils works with support requirements for cooling water support systems and all other services over the full tidal range. The design of the jetty structures was carried out in accordance with local design codes of practice, including allowance for the effects of seismic actions.

The floating power barge is 160 metres long, 55.2 metres wide and weighs 16,779 tonnes.

The Tanir Bavi Power Company’s barge-mounted power plant began operation in June 2001.

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