The Four Courts

Roof Dome Repair Works, Dublin

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Project Details

Client: The Office of Public Works, National Monuments

Value: Confidential

Services Provided: Civil, Structural &
Conservation Services

Category: Conservation

Project Duration: 2017 – Ongoing (2021)

Project Description

The Four Courts, with its first case heard in 1796, was built on the original 13th century site of a Dominican Friary garden. It seated four principal courts initially, and while the number of courts has changed, it has retained its historic name.
It has undergone numerous repair and maintenance regimes during its lifetime. This period of significant and highly visible repairs also includes a number of major structural elements including:

  • Repairs to the stone column capitals including replacement of badly damaged capital stones.
  • Repairs to the existing steel angle.
  • Extensive scaffolding design.
  • Significant temporary works and temporary propping design.
  • Repairs to the existing concrete dome, dealing with temporary weathering systems and safe access including new fall arrest.
  • Repairs to stonework (granite parapet, Portland stone cornice & entablature etc).

The project is on site and 2no capital stones have been replaced.

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